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Our technical base and own server center is located in Budapest, where exclusive space is granted for our devices requiring extremely high resources. The domestic and international interconnections of our data center are redundant connections of outstanding reliability. Our services of outstanding quality are guaranteed by our continuously operated monitoring system 7 days a week, 24 hour telephone support service, international experiences as well as our highly skilled personnel.

Technical Background

Some prominent parameters

  • A server room with Hungary’s highest performance density (300 sqm, 1MW, 3.33 kW/sqm)
  • Redundant IP network with 80 Gbit international and 20 Gbit domestic bandwidth
  • Redundant (2+1) air conditioning 22±2 °C, 45±10 rH% (3x 500kW)
  • Redundant (1+1) uninterruptable power supply (4x 500kW)
  • Dual power supply from the ELMŰ regional electricity supplier company (2x 2.5MVA)
  • 2.5 MVA Diesel Aggregator, with diesel reserve for 24 hours
  • VESDA aspirating fire alarm system
  • INERGEN gas fire suppression system

The pictures of our server rooms can be viewed in our photo gallery.


Server Room Visit

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