Server Room Infrastructure - DoclerWeb

The geographical distance of the server rooms makes us ideal for locating support servers for high availability (HA) services. All IP addresses of our network – or the private (“intranet”) addresses of our clients – can be accessed from all locations, “taken over” by the devices due to the technology of the network interconnecting the server rooms.

Server Hosting Service

  • Our server hosting service is available in three server rooms in Budapest
  • All server rooms are equipped with multi-directional electricity supply. Electricity transformers are equipped with uninterruptable power supplies providing sufficient power reserve until the diesel generators are activated
  • Devices with redundant power supply hosted in our server rooms are supplied from independent electricity phases
  • The heat dissipated by the machines are removed by redundant air conditioning systems, as well
  • Servers can be located on shelves or in rack cabinets
  • Continuous network support service
  • Dust-free atmosphere
  • IP console
  • Fire suppressing devices

Web Storage Space

  • RAID-based storage
  • Daily data backup
  • Gigabit network connection
  • Virus and spam detection of incoming mails
  • Web-based administration interface for mail accounts

Server Room Visit

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