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IT Security Test

The testing focuses on the networks, software, the servers as well as the services running, and the applications installed, thereon.


In the course of the audit, the client provides us with physical access. With the use thereof we inspect the servers and services internally. Subject to the size of the system, the comprehensive audit requires approximately 2 months. We provide the client with a written study on the results and suggestions.

Penetration test

No internal access is required by this test. In substance, we act as an external attacker while we inspect the systems; detect weak and vulnerable points as potential subjects of attack. Subject to the size of the system, the comprehensive test requires approximately 1 month. At the end of the test, we draft a report and propose required changes.

External and internal security test

This service is comprised of the internal audit of the servers and the external penetration test. Consequently, this means a comprehensive test, which constitutes the most effective mean of testing. Subject to the size of the system, the comprehensive inspection may even require 3 months.

Continuous audit

If needed, we continuously monitor the system of our client and provide prompt information on the errors found.

Continuous test

If needed, we continuously test the network, services, and applications of our client, and provide reports of the errors found after each run.

Security analysis

In case you wish to ensure the security of your third party applications or even your own product, feel free to contact us.

Source code analysis

In the course of the source code analysis we detect programming errors, whether of security or logical. The timeframe of this test may vary upon the size of the code base. Nevertheless, based on our experience, this activity requires 3 weeks in average.

Binary analysis

In the case of binary analysis, the source code is not available; and therefore we test the subject application with dynamic tools, inspect its stability, and analyze its reactions to unpredictable situations. This mean of analysis is less efficient than the source code based inspection, but requires similar or even more time, 3 weeks in general.

Other analysis

We also undertake the analysis of malware (viruses, Trojans, rootkits etc.).

Consultancy services

We also provide consultancy services as to the security of the systems of our clients.

Load test

If needed, we perform load tests in order to inspect the activity of the system in case of increased traffic.


If requested, we continuously monitor the status of the systems of our clients in order to ensure the reliable operation thereof.

Resources and services

The scope of monitoring may include the servers and the services operating thereon as well as the measurement of the performance indicators and the changes therein.


Why is IT security important?

Now everyone uses the new opportunities given by the information technology. The developing technology has changed the everyday life, communication, work, moreover, it has created new opportunities and markets, but this has been discussed and written by many people.

However, it is less publicly discussed, that these new opportunities and technologies pose new threats and create new, previously unknown problems. This is the natural consequence of novelties. However, instead of avoiding the use, we have to face the threats and solve the problems created thereby. In addition to the exploitation of possibilities, it is worth paying attention to, and financing IT security, information security, data security and network security. In particular, this is critical when an IT security issue may directly threat the operation and revenue of the company, this may be the case of web shops, web content providers, ISPs, web-based travel agencies, insurance companies, banks etc. In the case of such companies and undertakings, improper IT security entails business risks.

IT issues and attacks may vary; nowadays the share of physical hazards is significantly lower. More serious IT security risks are attributed to external malicious attacks, hackings, virus attacks, data leakage, as well as data loss due to accidental errors and internal, intentional damages.

The critical role of IT security is also supported by the fact that now all business processes, applications and databases are IT-based. In the case of critical processes, where any error or downtime may entail grave financial losses, the worth of IT security can be easily calculated. This represents great value! But companies in all fields suffer significant losses if the staff cannot work, the data is lost, and hours, days or even weeks have to be spent with the recovery.

DoclerWeb has gained outstanding results in the field of IT security. Our company protects hundreds of servers, applications running thereon, contents, information, online payments day by day. The work of the IT security team is assisted by the research and development team of DoclerWeb.


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