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Email newsletters are not SPAM.
Email newsletters are not just advertisements of our products and services.
Email newsletters also cover the professional newsletters we subscribe to, as well as the automated emails delivered following a web-based purchase or transaction. Failure to receive such mails causes significant annoyance – both for the recipients and the provider, which is unable to contact its clients.
The non-delivery of newsletters could be due to several reasons.
The SPAM filter may consider your newsletter as spam; the settings of the mail server may be improper; or the wording of the newsletter may be improper. We provide solutions for each of the above issues.

Email newsletter audit

Email newsletter audit – compliance check

Increasing factors shall be complied with in order to ensure that your newsletters will be delivered to your clients.

This is mainly caused by the increasing amount of SPAM, which everyone wants to keep off. Defense, however, has its price: several other mails are also considered as SPAM and filtered out.

However, there are methods to help you avoiding your server, email, newsletter being SPAM-conscious and fulfill its purpose: deliver the message.

Checking the IP addresses and related domain names of mail servers

We check the IP addresses of your mail servers and your domain names used for mailing with the common blacklists on a daily basis, which may prevent the delivery of your messages.

We notify you of the results of the checks, and we assist you in the removal procedure if you are blacklisted.

Checking the configuration of the mail servers

We check the configuration settings of your mail servers generally expected by the recipient parties, and we notify you of the results of the checks. We assist you in resolving the issues detected.

Assistance in the addition of IP addresses and domain names of mail servers to the internal whitelists of providers

We recommend your IP addresses and domain names used for mailing to be added to the whitelists of the main email providers. Following the successful application, your bulk mails will be delivered with lower delay and the ratio of successfully delivered mails will be higher.

Content analysis of outgoing mails based on the operation of the SPAM filter systems

We check the contents of your newsletters and automated messages in order to avoid patterns and keywords, which could be filtered out by the commonly used SPAM filters. We provide you with the description of the results of the check and the solutions suggested for increasing the rate of delivered messages.


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