NOW the server hosting fee also INCLUDES A SERVER in our server room with the highest performance density in Hungary!

Supermicro Microblade
Rental + Server Hosting

Brand new Xeon blade physical server rental
Troubleshooting of hardware errors within 60 minutes
Supermicro SYS-5037MC, 1 blade
Xeon-E3 1230 Ivy Bridge 3,3GHz HT 1600FSB
8 GB ECC RAM (max. 32 GB)
Hot swap HDD
SATA: 500 GB - 3 TB or
SSD: 128 GB - 500 GB
Hot backup server
Redundant power supply
MRC 19 900 HUF + VAT

Supermicro Twin blade
Rental + Server Hosting

Brand new Twin blade physical server rental
Troubleshooting of hardware errors within 60 minutes
Supermicro SYS-6027TR-H71RF
2x Xeon E5-2620 6/12 core 2.0 GHz
16GB ECC Reg. RAM (max. 256GB)
LSI 2108 Hardware RAID
Hot swap HDD: 2x500GB SATA
HDD extension options: 3xHDD (SATA, SAS, SSD)
Hot backup server, Redundant power supply
Permanent IP console (IPMI) free of charge
MRC 34 900 HUF + VAT

+Hosting in the greatest performance density server room of Hungary!

1 Gbit/s internet connection
IP console port free of charge
/112 IPv6 address space
Availability of 99.999%

Rack cabinet, 3 Unit/8 blade
Management IP address, available on VPN
Redundant power supply
Gigabit Ethernet switch port
One IPv4 IP address, reverse name
Free VLAN between the servers
Domain name registration at a discounted price
DNS service for unlimited domains
Native IPv6 routing


- No need for one-time investment
- No need for troubleshooting hw errors, we replace the devices instantly
- Permanent, dedicated IP console with availability of 99.999%
- You are provided with a modern, reliable, easily upgradable server
- Established and client-oriented background
- Cost-efficient system without amortization!

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* In the case of a contract for 3 years, which may be terminated at any time during the semi-year probationary period. The information is not exhaustive; please contact us for
further details! The promotion is valid upon cancellation

** In the case of a contract for 3 years

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