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Software Rental - Microsoft SPLA - DoclerWeb

Microsoft has recently introduced a new licensing structure, the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). This structure enables our Clients to use the software for a monthly fee. The software rental structure entails many advantages, both in respect of technology and costs.

Almost the entire portfolio of Microsoft is available in this structure (Windows, SQL), which always offers the most recent versions and patches. This structure does not require any investment, you always pay only for the software you use, furthermore, it can be flexibly extended or customized, applications can be simply and quickly added to, or removed from the licensed assets.

The joint structure of the SPLA and DoclerWeb enables you to use servers and solutions in the quantity, and as long as you need.


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  • No investment costs
  • Monthly fees are payable, but only to the extent of the actual use
  • Competitive and calculable costs
  • The licenses may be modified on a monthly basis
  • In the case of operation, the installations and security updates shall be carried out by the provider without additional costs
  • Versions and number of users (licenses) may be ordered or amended at any time
  • One framework agreement makes you available all software you would like to use (Office, server products, mailing, file and printer operation, applications in respect of internet service provision)

Price list:

  • Windows Server Standard 1Proc
    MRC EUR 21
  • Windows Server Essentials 1 Proc
    MRC EUR 23
  • Windows Server Datacenter 1 Proc
    MRC EUR 101
  • Windows Remote Desktop Services SAL
    MRC EUR 7
  • Windows Rights Management Services CAL
    MRC EUR 2
  • SQL Server Web Edition 2Core
    MRC EUR 12
  • SQL Server Standard Core 2Core
    MRC EUR 186
  • SQL Server Enterprise 2Core
    MRC EUR 712
  • SQL Server Standard Edition SAL
    MRC EUR 20
  • SQL Server Business Intelligence SAL
    MRC EUR 29
  • Exchange Basic SAL
    MRC EUR 1
  • Exchange Enterprise SAL
    MRC EUR 7
  • Exchange Enterprise Plus SAL
    MRC EUR 9
  • Exchange Standard SAL for small accounts
    MRC EUR 0.4
  • Exchange Enterprise SAL for small accounts
    MRC EUR 0.4
  • Exchange Standard SAL
    MRC EUR 3
  • Exchange Standard Plus SAL
    MRC EUR 5
  • Exchange Hosted Encryption
    MRC EUR 2
  • Office Standard SAL
    MRC EUR 16
  • Office Professional Plus SAL
    MRC EUR 22
  • Office Multi Language Pack SAL
    MRC EUR 4
  • Project SAL
    MRC EUR 23
  • Project Professional SAL
    MRC EUR 39
  • Project Server SAL
    MRC EUR 12
  • SharePoint Hosting
    MRC EUR 1.189
  • SharePoint Standard CAL
    MRC EUR 0,4
  • SharePoint Server Enterprise SAL
    MRC EUR 5
  • SharePoint Server SAL for small accounts
    MRC EUR 0.4
  • SharePoint Server Standard SAL
    MRC EUR 4
  • Visio Professional SAL
    MRC EUR 20
  • Visio Standard SAL
    MRC EUR 9
  • Visual Studio Premium SAL
    MRC EUR 273
  • Visual Studio Professional SAL
    MRC EUR 32
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Basic SAL
    MRC EUR 7
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server SAL
    MRC EUR 22
  • Visual Studio Test Professional SAL
    MRC EUR 98
  • Visual Studio Ultimate SAL
    MRC EUR 593

The price excludes VAT and is denominated in Hungarian forints


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